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Armenia Must Use Territorial Claims for Political Leverage
April 23, 2008, 10:10 pm
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YEREVAN (ArmRadio)-The recognition of the Armenian Genocide should develop from a moral issue to a territorial one based on the national security of Armenia, Director of the Ararat Center for Strategic Research Dr. Armen Ayvazian told a press conference on Wednesday.
According to Ayvazian, reference to the issue of occupied territories would create the best opportunity for influencing Turkey.
“Although the lands will not be returned all at once, the proper opportunity may emerge in years, even decades, since this policy will lead to that sooner or later,” he explained. “It’s unacceptable to not make territorial claims.”
He explained by citing the Karabakh issue as an example. He said that Karabakh conflict is not only a national security issue for the people of Nagorno-Karabakh, but rather it is a national security issue for Armenia. The liberated territories surrounding Karabakh provide both Armenia and Karabakh with significant security guarantees.
“Syunik is vulnerable to attack without Karabakh and Armenia cannot exist without Syunik,” Ayvazian said as an example.
He said that pressure from the international community on Turkey has always been weak and ineffective, never resulting in positive steps by Turkey to address the Armenian Genocide.
Full Article at Asbarez


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